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55° Degree Fuel Filler Neck Protector / Housing With Lockable Door

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Part # FG5503-263L
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Make A Statement On Your Work Truck! These Are A Rugged High Quality Cast Aluminum Fuel Filler Neck Housing Featuring A Lockable Hinged Door. 

 Features:   No Holes Where Filler Neck Bolts To Housing For a Clean Custom Install, Includes Hinged Door And Hole For Lock Cylinder 
 Neck Offset Angle:  55° Degrees
 Filler Neck Hole Opening Diameter:   2-5/8" 
 Surface Flange Outer Dimensions:  Height= 7.25" in  X  Width= 8.25" in.
 Minimum Hole Size Needed For Install:  Width = 5.97"  X Height = 5.69"   
 Depth:  3-7/8" From Back Of Flange.
 Flange Forward Stick Out/Thickness  15/16"
 Material:  Cast Aluminum
 Finish:  Polished Flange With Bead Blasted Inner Surface.
 Hinged:  High Quality Hinges - Opens To The Left
 Required Items Not Included:  Lock Cylinder Or Thumb Lever. Will Stay Closed Without Lock Gear